Mental Health and Well-Being Resources for supporting others during COVID-19 Pandemic

Resources for Parents & Caregivers:

Tips and Resources to support student mental health

Information and Resources for Parents - School Mental Health Ontario

Reach Out Centre for Kids

Mental health activities and resources

12 easy and fun mental health activities for Parents to help their children

Resources for supporting students with anxiety:

Coping Strategies to Support Children and Youth (Anxiety BC)

Helping Thinking Strategies

Realistic Thinking

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Resources to help people cope psychologically with health risks such as COVID-19:

Psychological Impacts of COVID 19 (Canadian Psychological Association)

Parent/Caregiver Guide to Coping with Stress of COVID 19

Mental Health Considerations during COVID World Health Organization

Resources to help parents/caregivers talk about COVID-19 with their children:

Parent Guide Talking to Children about COVID 19 (National Association of Psychologists)

Talking to Your Anxious Child About COVID 19 (Children's Mental Health Ontario)

Video: How to Talk to Your Children About COVID 19

Child Mind Institute​ - multiple videos, blog, daily Facebook video chats

Resources to help families support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder:

Supporting Individuals with Autism through Uncertain Times

Social Story for ASD

Kerry's Place - multiple resources on website

Resources for supporting Newcomers:

COVID-19 Resources for Sponsors & Newcomers


Resources for Students:

Sesame Street video- Caring for Each Other

Brief Video explaining COVID 19 to Children

Reaching Out for Help Tip Sheet (School Mental Health Ontario)

Self Care for Students (School Mental Health Ontario)

Information and Strategies for Youth During COVID

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