Bus Cancellation and School Closure – Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather

During the winter months, inclement weather may cause the disruption of bus transportation and regular school operations. ​ ​​​Parents/guardians are reminded to review the inclement weather information below for the school year. In case of poor weather, the decision to close schools and/or cancel buses​ is communicated to parents beginning at 6:30 a.m.

We encourage all families to review the HDSB Inclement Weather Reminders.

Bus Cancellations School Closures.

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How do I stay informed about bus delays?

  • ONLINE: Check the Halton Bus home page for transportation cancellation messages.

  • EMAIL: Create a Parent Portal account and link to your child’s record to receive email notifications (Instructions).

  • TWITTER: @haltonschoolbus.

Map outline of Inclement Weather Zones

Inclement Weather Zones

The Region of Halton has been divided into 3 distinct inclement weather zones which are used as boundaries for service cancellations / closures. Please refer to the following map for the locations of these zones.