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Learning Resources for Families
The HDSB is providing literacy and mathematics resources for families to support student achievement and enhance learning at home and school.

Literacy and Mathematics Resources

Online COVID-19 School Screening Tool
Students and staff must complete the online COVID-19 School Screening Tool prior to attending school each day. 

Complete School Screening Tool

Isolation Guidelines for Families 

Mental Health &
Well-Being Resources
Mental health and well-being support and resources are available for students and parents/guardians.  

Mental Health & Well-Being Resources

June 2023 Monitor and Website Slides

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The Grizzly Way

Grizzlies treat each other with kindness and respect. 

Grizzlies try their best, ask questions, make mistakes, and are creative learners. 

Grizzlies believe in themselves and encourage each other. 

Grizzlies listen to each other and share their ideas. 

Grizzlies are responsible for themselves, their school, and their world.

Grizzlies include everyone and celebrate diversity. 


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