Planning a Visit to EGPS

Safe and Secure Learning Environment:

At EGPS, we work diligently to maintain a safe & secure learning environment for our students. Using Collaborative Problem Solving, Restorative Practice and while respecting differences, we work to make all students feel welcome and included.

Parking Lot Safety:

We encourage all students to walk or ride bikes or scooters to school! Help us to keep our parking lots safe for students. Please consider meeting your children at the walk through paths to neighbouring side streets when dropping off or picking up children from school. Please be respectful of staff on supervision who are looking out for everyone's best interests. The front area is for buses only before and after school. This is a reminder that cars are not to be parked in the Kiss and Ride lane in order to maintain the flow of traffic forward, where visibility of small children is better. Cars backing up to move around parked cars presents a hazard. Our wonderful crossing guard will make sure everyone crosses safely at the round about and at Silver Pond and Danby.

Key Points for Student Safety:

  • Please WALK to school instead of driving (or ride by bus if you are eligible).

  • Please let children off at the curb and do NOT drop off students in the centre lane.

  • Please turn off your car if you are getting out of it.

  • Please do not park in the Kiss and Ride lane. If you need to walk your child to the door please park in a parking spot.

Please share with your child’s caregiver if they are picking up/dropping your child(ren).

Staff Parking:

Danby Side Parking Lot Safety: This parking lot is for STAFF only. Please do not pull in there to drop off or pick up students. Frequently there are no parking spots and parents are backing up the length of the parking lot during a time when many students are in the vicinity. We are concerned that an accident is likely to happen. Please park on adjacent streets or use the Kiss and Ride for pick up and drop off.


We are not accepting visitors to the school for the 2021-2022 school year.

We kindly ask all parents/visitors to please respect our safe entry process and sign in at the main office upon entry into our school. Parents must use the main office as a pick up and drop off point for students during school hours, and not go directly to classrooms. If picking up your child prior to dismissal, we ask that this be done prior to 3:30 p.m. as end of day procedures do not permit us to to page students after this time. Visitor badges must be worn by all parents/visitors at all times when volunteering in the school. We thank everyone for supporting our safe entry process at Ethel Gardiner Public School.

Morning Supervision:

This is a reminder that no students should be arriving prior to 8:55 a.m., when our supervision begins.

Afternoon Dismissal:

Students in Kindergarten are dismissed from their playground areas. Bus students are dismissed to their bus lines. All students in 1-8 are dismissed to the blacktop designated areas for pick up.