About Ethel Gardiner

Photo Of Mrs. Ethel Gardiner

Ethel Gardiner

Teacher, Trustee, Chair Leader and

Advocate of Students, Staff and Public Education

Ethel Gardiner’s long-standing support and commitment to Halton students and staff, and public education in general has been exceptional during her 50 years in education. Ethel served in a variety of capacities with the Halton District School Board including classroom and special education teacher, interim administrator, trustee and Chair of the Board. In each of these roles, Ethel’s passion for her constituents and community, her advocacy for students and staff, as well as her commitment to public education was very evident.

Ethel was quick to herald the accomplishments of students, educators and support staff and often did so in a public forum, further promoting the successes of public education. Ethel also met each task in a fair and equitable manner, and sought relevant information in order to make informed decisions for the betterment of students and staff of the Halton District School Board, and public education as a whole.

As Chair of the Board, Ethel brought leadership and vision to the board of trustees in Halton, pioneering change and focusing outcomes on student achievement. Ethel was quick to speak out on behalf of public education both locally and provincially, and was honoured for her accomplishments and outstanding service to public education with the prestigious provincial “Dr. Harry Paikin Award of Merit” presented at the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association annual meeting in June 2004.

Ethel’s leadership, vision, compassion, commitment and dedication are skills that will be long remembered within the Halton District School Board, and by all who had the good fortune to know her.

We are very proud to be known as 'Ethel's School'. We know her passion and care about all students and we are committed to continue her dream of 'Learning for All' and 'Excellence Everywhere'!