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Pick up Procedures for June 28th and 29th

Dear Grizzly families,

As you know, the last day of synchronous learning with students will be Friday June 25. Educators will be providing asynchronous learning opportunities for students on the Google Classroom on Monday June 28 and Tuesday June 29, but will not be online with students or taking attendance.

All staff will be in school on those days to facilitate the packing up of student and classroom belongings. IF you need to pick up any student belongings including epi-pens, puffers or drop off tech, we will have designated pickup/drop off times for you to come to the school by first letter of your child’s last name on Monday June 28 between 12-3 and Tuesday June 29 between 9-1. If you do NOT need to gather any belongings, meds or drop off tech, no need to read on :)

On these days, we will be using the kiss and ride side of the school as our only pick up location/drop off location NOT THE FRONT DOOR and we are encouraging all families/students to stay in their car to avoid gatherings of any kind and to keep things as physically distanced as possible, as per Public Health protocols still in place. We would ask any parents picking up/dropping off items to drive up through the kiss and ride where staff will be there to greet you and gather your child/ren’s belongings which will have already been packed up by their teacher and waiting for pick-up. We will have someone bring your items out when you arrive while you safely wait in your car.

If you need to drop off tech, please ensure that it is labelled with your child’s name so we can ensure to verify that it was returned and you can give it to the staff member who will be retrieving your child/ren’s belongings.

We appreciate your partnership and flexibility in doing your best to stay to these pick-up time windows to avoid long wait times or overcrowding. We do understand that you may not be able to accommodate the pick up time we have designated to your family on Monday or Tuesday. If that is the case, our office will be open on Wednesday June 30. from 9-3. If you need to drop off/pick up any items on Wednesday please just come to the front door, ring the bell and someone will be there to assist you.

Thank you for your partnership in working together through this pandemic and we hope to see you on Monday June 28 between 12-3 or Tuesday June 29 between 9-1!

The Ethel Gardiner Team

Monday June 28 Pick up by Child Last Name Letter




1:30-2:00-D, E, F


2:30-3:00-G, I, J

Tuesday June 29 Pick up by Child Last Name Letter

9:00-9:30-K, L


10:00-10:30-N, R

10:30-11:00-O, P, Q


12:00-12:30-T, V, Y

12:30-1:00-W, Z