Safe Schools Information

Our Safe School Plan

Through the use of conflict resolution strategies developed by our Grade 4 students in 2011. Our safe school plan involves empowering our students to resolve small problems such as not sharing a toy, taking too long at the water fountain or not going “out” during a game at recess.  Our students from Kindergarten to Grade 5, use Strategy cards labelled: 1) Walk away, 2) say “I’m sorry”, 3) Negotiate  - Play Fair   4) Take turns,  5) Take a breath,  6) Choose another activity 7) Use your words – Talk it out 8) Tell them to stop.  All Kindergarten to Grade 5 teachers have some or all of the strategy cards posted in their classrooms and all staff have them clipped to their supervision vests to help remind students which strategy they can use.  

Community circles are common at Gardiner.  Here the Tribes Agreements Mutual Respect, Participation, No Put downs and Attentive Listening are practiced as students discuss small problems and the strategies that they used to solve their conflict.  Assemblies are held to recognize students who honour the Tribes Agreements.   Several speakers visit Gardiner to speak to our students about bullying.  These include our Liaison Police Officer, Second City, and  Scott Graham who most recently discussed the difference between small and big problems and how to act assertively when confronted by a bully. Our Intermediates focus on role playing scenarios and how they can assert themselves in a conflict.

All students know that the Principals doors are always open.  They are welcome to discuss issues with us as well as their teachers.  Progressive discipline is used when dealing with office issues.  

We take into consideration mitigating circumstances when delivering consequences.


We are pleased to announce that our school will have the Halton District School Board’s online reporting tool for  students to report bullying behaviours. This reporting tool will allow students to confidentially report incidents of bullying behaviours directly to the principal and vice principal.  Students are still encouraged to talk to an administrator or a trusting adult at school to report incidents of bullying and not feel that this is the only method of reporting available to them. 

The reporting tool was developed with input from several stakeholder groups including student focus groups, members of the Safe Schools Advisory Team and administrators, in addition to consultation with other School Boards who have developed similar reporting tools.

Students may access the reporting tool from a computer or mobile device through their school website.  The link below will be a link to an online form that they will complete.  Once submitted, the form is sent directly to the principal/vice principal’s inbox. The principal will then investigate and respond to the incident to ensure that students feel safe and receive the most appropriate support.


The attachment below is from our Safe and Inclusive Schools  Superintendent Yaw Obeng. The letter is to inform you that HDSB has participated in the development of a region wide Violence Threat Risk Assessment Protocol along with our community partners, for responding to situations in which students may pose a threat to themselves or others.

Fair Notice Letter to Parents.pdf